Dawn Of Ultra Pong

Welcome to Dawn Of Ultra Pong, a Competitive Breakout game with Bluetooth multiplayer that uses motion controls. Challenge your friends, beat them with multi ball, confuse them by inverting their controls and humiliate them by shortening their "paddle", with tons of explosions and immersed in a fine heavy-metal tune.

How to play:

  • Player one hosts the game
  • Player two joins the game by selecting the hosting device name
  • Tilt your device to move the paddle

Blocks and power-ups:

Block Power-up Effect
brick_yellow star Enlarge your "paddle"
brick_red bolt Shorten your opponent's "paddle"
brick_green pill Invert your opponent's controls
brick_blue ball Multi ball
brick_grey   An indestructible block
brick_purple   A simple block with no power-ups

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